Track Photos
The track is fully loaded with challenges for riders of all levels.  It features numerous turns, from sweeping to chicane, and a diversity of
jumps.  Though only 1 mile per lap, the track is a gruesome test of both mental and physical endurance.  The jumps come in a wide
variety; from small speed doubles to large doubles, tabletops, rhythm sections, and a very long step-up tabletop finish.  The track is
roughly 22 feet wide and layered with bright red clay.  Below you will find pictures of the jumps, their respective distances peak to peak,
and other pictures of the facility.
Start gates
Take off!
Left turn
First double 25ft
Turn 1
Second double 30ft
Slight left turn
Third double 50ft
Turn 2
Tabletop 75ft
Turn 3
Single roller
Turn 4
Turn 5
Double 40ft, Tabletop 45ft
Turn 6
Roadside double 65ft
Single-tabletop 75ft
Slight left
Flat Turn 7
Off-camber turn 8
Exit S-turn
Single downhill
High-speed uphill tabletop
Uphill tabletop side view
Long sweeper last turn
Finishline uphill step-tabletop 110ft